IRI Medical Council

Date:19 April 2020

Interim Measure to issue Good Standing Certificate

As an interim measure to facilitate IRIMC services for its registered members during the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve made changes to the procedure for applying for Good Standing Certificate.

Due to issue any kind of Good Standing Certificate/Certificate of Professional Conduct/License Verification/Regulatory History Form, there are requirements that should be met by the applicant, please follow these steps:

1) (S)he must not be in arrears of any fees or other moneys owing to our organization. The fee can be paid via applicant’s IRIMC profile. You can only pay by Debit Cards and via SHETAB (Interbank Information Transfer Network) system.

NOTE: The Membership Arrears must be ZERO in the time of applying for Good Standing Certificate.


2) (S)he must pay the fee for issuing GSC. The Accounting Department can send you a link to pay the GSC fee online. However, you can only pay with Debit Card and via SHETAB (Interbank Information Transfer Network) system.

For any queries regarding requested fees, please contact the Registration Office.


3) (S)he must have a valid IRIMC Membership Card in the time of applying for Good Standing Certificate.

So please check your Membership Card expiry date before applying for Good Standing Certificate. The renewing of Membership Card can be done online. If you have queries regarding the procedure, please contact the Registration Office.

Note: If your IRIMC Membership Card does not have expiry date, it means that it has been already expired and is subject to renewal.


4) After completion of the 3 preceding steps, (s)he must send an email to and submit the scan or image of the first page of her/his passport and her/his IRIMC Membership Card. Furthermore (s)he must provide us the Destination Country and the name of Competent Authority (s)he wants to submit her/his GSC to. All applicants must provide their full name and their IRIMC Registration/License Number in the subject of the email. For security reasons, the emails that do not meet the mentioned requirements cannot be opened and will be deleted immediately.

If the applicant is not in arrears with IRIMC and we receive all needed documents and information as mentioned above, they receive an email which is as follows:

Received.  Your GSC Application is being processed.

They will be informed via email when the GSC is ready as well.


In order to issue the GSC, the professional records of the applicant must be assessed by IRIMC Deputy of Disciplinary Affairs which takes time. The GSC is issued in due course, so please submit your GSC application well in advance.


Please note that Iranian Medical Council (IRIMC) is prioritizing work linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore response times, application processing times and the issuance of certificates of professional conduct may take longer than normal. We appreciate your understanding during this time. However, we aim to respond to your request at our earliest convenience.


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